Five skills to look for when hiring a PHP developer

Five skills to look for when hiring a PHP developer

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In addition to the required technical skills, PHP developers must also have excellent problem-solving skills. This allows them to discover errors in the PHP code and make sure the site continues to operate properly. To become a highly talented PHP developer, a candidate must possess specific skills in order to excel in their role. It is important to understand that testing all the required skills at the interview stage will increase the time, costs, and hassle in the recruiting process. It has become essential for a PHP developer to have knowledge of Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL.
PHP developer skills
One of the best ways to learn the skills needed to bean php developer is to take online courses to advance your career, like those provided by Udemy and Coursera. Before you hire the leading freelance sites or dedicated PHP developers, just make sure his PHP knowledge is right on point. The entire hiring process is not easy but at the same time, it is not impossible. Simplilearn offers you a convenient, easy way to master the ins and outs of PHP. The PHP Training Course for PHP Development Suite and the Advanced PHP Development Training will teach you how to make dynamic web applications using PHP.

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Topics can range from PHP’s core functions and standard practices to its use in server-side scripting and maintenance. For those wondering how long it takes to learn PHP, the answer varies. It’s a continuous process, and the PHP developer learning curve can be steep for some. While formal education can lay the groundwork, hands-on development is where true skill is honed.
PHP developer skills
In some cases, they are even required to design and integrate plugins for PHP frameworks. Following these helps PHP developers to cut the hassle caused by variations in PHP code. An understanding of these languages will also benefit the person to know how these affect user experience, which is an important aspect of web development. Please note that gaining information about the concepts in PHP is one thing and working on the same on your own is another. Just like with any other programming language, you need to learn it by practice i.e. try it on your own after learning.

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A PHP developer needs to be able to create well-formed HTML code in order to produce well-rendered web pages. In senior-level PHP development, a PHP developer has to manage the projects. She has to ensure smooth functionality and effective communication among the various departments working on a common project(s). Many times during the project development, PHP developers might need to communicate with the clients and managers and understand their requirements as well as clearly convey issues. Intermediate-level PHP projects require a little more than PHP basics.

  • Here’s what you should be looking for in the CV of your next PHP hire.
  • It’s also important to have experience with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony.
  • Continue reading to find out what skills an php web developer needs to be successful in the workplace.
  • When paired with PHP, JavaScript enhances user experiences, enables real-time updates, and facilitates client-side functionalities.

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Only a discerning eye can distinguish between average and proficient PHP developers. However, most of the time, the people who need to recruit a PHP web developer are not from this field. Therefore, they either need to surf the Internet to learn about the must-have skills or rely on other agencies to guide them.

But before you are in a position to ensure that your PHP developers have it in them to perform the above-written activities, you must know what you need to look for. Hence, we list the eight must-have skills to look for while hiring PHP developers below. Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is widely used in web servers, supercomputers, and embedded systems. PHP developers need to be able to use Linux because it is the most common operating system for web servers. Linux is also a good choice for development because it is very stable and has a large community of users who can help answer questions. Git is a version control system that allows developers to track changes to their code and collaborate with other developers on projects.
PHP developer skills
If you are a PHP developer or aspiring to become one, it is important to stay current with the latest PHP development trends and best practices to advance your career. Even if you do not end up working with web development, the skills you learn for PHP development can be applied throughout the tech industry. You can use them, for example, in computer and information systems management, computer programming, computer systems analysis, and software development. Some of the most important skills for a PHP developer include database management, PHP framework proficiency, front-end tech experience, and an understanding of version control systems. PHP developers must have at least a basic understanding of database optimization techniques because this knowledge allows devs to improve the performance of PHP apps.
PHP developer skills
That means almost 8 out of every 10 websites that you visit on the Internet are using PHP in some way. The PHP programming language remains widely used in web development and serves as the backbone for many dynamic and interactive websites. You can be a whizz with PHP code, but if you don’t know how to communicate with others you may struggle to work effectively on a team project.

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