The Night Shift: Iggy’s Funhouse

The Night Shift: Iggy’s Funhouse

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The Night Shift: Iggy’s Funhouse is another fan-made game which is based on a famous horror adventure game called Five Nights at Freddy’s game. In the game, you will take a job as a night watchman working at Iggy’s Funhouse. This is such an amazing place in the daytime where kids and other people can enjoy lots of wonderful entertainment performed by Iggy – a friendly and adorable character loved by most of the kids. However, Iggy will start doing some odd stuff at night! He’s not himself anymore when the night comes. He turns into night mode and an evil wicked animatronic. Who believes an amazing robot can turn bad like that? As a security guard, your mission is to keep track of Iggy and make sure he won’t cause any troubles! He will roam around the restaurant and try to enter your office to kill you. Therefore, you must defend yourself at all cost, stop him from attacking you and survive the whole night! Wish you luck!

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