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Are you willing to join Springtrap’s Rampage and help this animatronic vanquish all the disturbing enemies? From Five Nights at Freddy’s game made by Scott Cawthon, this awesome flash game promises to bring you great challenges! In the game, our Springtrap is so poor because he has to follow the rules and do as what humans say, like entertaining children and other activities. He couldn’t deal with his own business, and that makes him very irritated. But one day, he was offered a good job to cause a fiercer slaughter to human beings. Therefore, you need to give him a hand to complete his task. Make your way through a bunch of dark rooms, as you try to fight against the wicked enemies. Don’t forget to grab new weapons on your way in order to make you unbeatable. The game consists of so many bloody and fierce scenes. So be prepared for that! Alright, let your game start now! Good luck!

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  1. fun and hard! yay!

  2. im a fan of this game

  3. fnaf world is much beter

  4. no its not

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