One Nights At Flumptys

One Nights At Flumptys

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One Night at Flumpty’s is a dreadful adventure game which is a combination of Five Nights at Freddy’s and kind of an inside joke. Inspired by the famous FNAF series, the game has been made by an independent Jonochrome and released under the banner of Gamejolt.
The game also has such a bloody nice graphics and revolves around the story of a worker who works night shift. He is trapped in the office filled with strange things. You are the only one who can save his day and help him stay alive until the end. You are supposed to search for clues and unravel what exactly is happening around you. There is a weird thing called FlumptyBumty, which is a giant egg that will slay anything getting close to it. Also, there is another character named Birthday Boy Blam who is obsessed with pizza. Is it enough to stimulate your curiosity? If you think you can beat off this challenge, why not starting your download now? Have an amazing time with this game and good luck!

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