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Take a chance to become the terrible nightmares and start a new adventure! A fan of FNAF 4 shouldn’t let go this opportunity, you will get more fun with those nightmares!


For congratulating the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, our adorable fan has introduced a cool fan-made version named
Nightmares to all of other supporters. Will you say hi to it and enjoy new awesome challenges? Unlike other versions, this one will put you in the shoes of those nightmares animatronics, you are supposed to take control of the nightmares and go scare other screamers! Does it sound so fun? Normally, you will be the one running away from those wicked enemies, but now, you will have to scare other people to death! As a lover of FNAF 4, this is such a rational choice for you. Plus, with this unique gameplay, you will get stimulated and test your skills. Now, you can lift your hands up and click to download this game to your computer. This is going to be a new experience for those who are interested in horror adventure games! Have fun and wish you luck!

Download Nightmares V1.2

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