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Freddy is going to become a superman! Explore Flying Freddy now and help him perform his flight. This is one of the most challenging FNAF Flash games made by fan. Also, the game was based on the original storyline of Five Nights at Freddy created by Scott Cawthon. In this game your Freddy is no longer a scary bear trying to get your life, he is now a flying man, no, a flying superman who is ready to conquer all long journey ahead. However, he doesn’t know how to fly! Therefore, you are supposed to take control of him skillfully and fly your way through a bunch of deadly obstacles. This sounds like a famous game called Flappy Bird, doesn’t it? Trying to fly through a space full of dangerous blocks like that is not an easy task at all! You need to stay focused and click on the screen and release him repeatedly so that he can keep himself balanced and conquer the long distance as well as earn higher score. Play the game now and see how far you can travel!

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