Five Nights at TubbyLand 2

Five Nights at TubbyLand 2

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Will you continue to take on new missions with Five Nights at TubbyLand 2? Let’s click to download the game for free now to experience more awesome challenges!
After what had happened in Five Nights at TubbyLand 1 for years, lots of people are still very curious about the new occurrences in Five Nights at TubbyLand 1. There is a brand new Teletubby themed attraction appearing, and it starts owning the doors at a new zone in order to offer a model “Tubby-bots” to all people. The animatronics are already redesigned. They want to get rid of the memories of the ancient ones so that the new animatronics can return to be blissful themselves. So amazing, right? However, when the night comes, this will be another completely different story! As a night worker, your mission is to keep track of these Tubby-bots wandering around the building by monitoring the cameras. Your goal is to survive for 5 nights and stop them from attacking you. Are you a Teletubbies’ hater or lover? Download the game now! Good luck!

Five Nights at TubbyLand 2 ( Download )




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  1. 5 nights at tubbyland

  2. well this ruined telletubbies for me but gg

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