Five Nights at Ronald’s

Five Nights at Ronald’s

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Are you up for the job in Five Nights at Ronald’s? Continue to experience the real panic feelings with a brand new character called Ronald and see how long you can stay alive!


Once again, our cute fan finally made a decision on creating another fan-made version based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. Many thanks to Scott Cawthon – a game developer of FNAF series! Following the epic steps of the animatronics in FNAF games, our MacRonalds wants to make it more horrible, and he decided to do the same things as those animatronics. You are recruited to work at Froddy’s Fozbear Pizza, and then, your adventure will begin from there! Now, you will spend 5 dreadful nights in that damned restaurant. The game goal is to keep yourself alive at all costs. Keep an eye on the cameras and don’t let the enemies get close to you. There will be some moments you will get scared, stay calm and continue your work! Everything will be alright in the end! Taking advantage of this Five Nights at Ronald’s game, you can also test your reflexes, your surviving skills and more! Jump to the game now and let’s begin this horror performance!

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