Five Nights At Freddy’s Phone Guy

Five Nights At Freddy’s Phone Guy

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After playing Five Nights at Freddy’s for a short period, you would have known another character appearing in that horror adventure game, right? He is Phone Guy, who is the deuteragonist of FNAF series and works for the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza as a security guard. He usually fulfills his mission in the office before the in-game events start. Are you willing to meet this cute guy when entering FNAF game? He also plays an important role, so it will be better if you know a little bit about him. Normally, you will receive assistance for this Phone Guy when he tell you about what the animatronic beings will react or their behaviors from the beginning of each night till the night 4, which is his last note. Some people have been wondering if this Phone Guy is an ally or not. He helps the player by telling them about the behaviors of the animatronics at the start of each night until Night 4, which is his final message. It is so strange to say that this guy always wants the players to stay or downplay the circumstance instead of asking them to give up or take their leave instantly. He is probably a forced ally, but indeed, he is the only one that can help you. Let’s check out the relevant information about this cute character!



Phone Guy is a little bit lukewarm, and no explanation was given for this. During the game, he tries his best to notify that there is nothing serious to be anxious about for the players, in spite of the obvious risk. It is oblivious whether this guy is telling a lie to the guards out of his free volition, forced to do so, or just to calm down and make Mike Schmidt feel better.
Sometimes, Phone Guy looks undecided and awkward, he also often stammers and laughs nervously, which indicates that he would be probably anxious about the chance of somebody hearing his notices and advice relating to the animatronic beings.


Phone Guy is voice by Scott Cawthon –the developer of FNAF game.
For the players who are kind of new to this game, it is extremely crucial to listen to what he speaks for the first and the second night. The players will receive key hints on the gameplay or the mechanics of how this game will work from Phone Guy. He could be considered as a tutorial of the game.
Some people speculate that Phone Guy is stuffed inside of Chica, as diminutive teeth found in her mouth, or Chica actually will make rough groaning noises just like human when approaching the player.
Similarly, there are also several speculation given by the players; they consider that Phone Guy was stuffed into Golden Freddy, instead of Chica on night 4. What is the evidence? It could be because he had a flaccid,lifeless body with a position that is usually adopted by corpses while sitting down.
Even when you and Phone Guy are talking to each other over the phone, you should observe the movements of Freddy Fazbear and other animatronic beings. If you lose concentration, you will get attacked and stuffed into a Freddy suit after the notice.

You should be also noted that the messages of Phone Guy are not canceled. Via all the given information, those messages have not been removed or replaced with legal information.
In an interview, Scott referred to Phone Guy as “Phone Guy” literally, which indicated that Phone Guy had no canon name.
When you hold a phone call on night 4, you will hear the banging sound released in the background, but it is kind of discrepant from the one that you heard in the game when Foxy bangs at the left door of the player.
Throughout the game, the player will have a capability to mute the sound of the Phone Guy’s calls. Player can click the button on the top left sayings “Mute Call”. You can do this in the second and third game.
Each call of Phone Guy will be shorter than the last. This will happen to the third game as well.
The initial phone call can be possibly heard in the fourth game, played backwards.

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