Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

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Let’s take a job in Five Nights at Fazbear Storage to experience a real panic feeling! This horror adventure never seems to want to stop scaring us! So come and join now!

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage

Five Nights at Fazbear Storage is such an awesome fan-made version following the storyline of Five Nights At Freddy’s games! Things have been escalated, and more challenges are waiting for you to conquer! This time, you will be taken to the Fazbear Storage, which keeps the equipment. Well, the owner just put all the animatronic toys in the storage, and they probably can be used once again in some cases. Nevertheless, we are not able to turn those animatronic beings off, and something wrong is happening to them. Now, we really need your help because you’re the only hero can save this place! Therefore, your mission is to keep an eye on them and don’t let them destroy any items in there. You are going to confront with those wicked animatronic beings, so be prepared! Make an effort to perform your surviving skills, observing skills and keep yourself alive at all costs! Have a great time and wish you luck!

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  1. omg download thats it im done why every game needs to be downloaded

    1. why cant it just like load god I want to play they made a number 2 of favbears storage for real

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