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FNAF World is owned by Scott Cawthon

You are unable to play Five Nights at Freddy’s at any website.

If you really want to play FNAF World, please visit here to explore more info.

-Requested by Scott Cawthon-

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  1. there IS A fnaf 5

  2. I would like more areas,bosses,and some new characters if you see this and add these things in i would be happy!

  3. I thought the escape key will crash my game.

  4. nice game :)

  5. they look cute

  6. i like nightmare freddy he has an army

  7. cool game

  8. my name is pewdiepie sup

  9. this is a good game bro

  10. Bonbon pikachu toy chika fan

    just wish real one was hadz no downloadz so i hate this now!!! i hav ta play it or da udda 1 will glitch ma computa soz.

  11. i love fnaf world and foxy

  12. i like this game

  13. yea ima stick to playing the real fnaf world

  14. this is a pretty good game just like the other i’m rating it a five *****’s

    1. yeah me too


  15. i realy like fnaf world rpg

  16. I can’t beat FAKE BB

  17. +Ethan i feel bad for you :/

  18. Poop?Can’t even play it on my I pad and I am banned from my computer.????????????

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