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Dormitabis is a horror adventure game which is made by fan based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game. The game is a real test of your surviving skills when it offers too many horror challenges and creepy moments. You are trapped in a deserted place, and survival is your only main goal. Are you ready to face creepy animatronics roaming around the building? You are provided with surveillance cameras so that you can check the movement of the enemies. Explore all the rooms one by one and try to keep track of the animatronics so that you can stop them from attacking you.

Friendly word of advice
Take a seat
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Dormitabis has an exclusive gameplay, story, and wonderful graphics. You will surely experience the real panic feelings in the game. Since the enemies won’t stop their movement, so you need to follow them without ceasing, make the best use of cameras and the lights for your survival. Dormitabis is still in the development; you can watch its first trailer below here to explore more!

Game Cooming Soon…

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