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Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns is a free online scary game including elements as in the horror survival Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Engage in an interesting adventure as a part-time security guard and show up your abilities to survive. You should stay alive at the end of each night to level up and become the winner. Play Zoolax: Nights Evil Clowns unblocked as you want and you have to supervise everything in the place you work for carefully. In fact, you can be captured by anything lurking in the shadows. If you cannot prevent them, you will be murdered and crushed. It is a dark building inhabited by cursed dolls. They are Pogi, Sally, Logi, and more. Aside from the presence of these terrifying creatures, there will be plenty of devices to utilize such as cameras, lights to shine corridors, and more. They will reduce limited power if they are chosen or activated. Attempt to save that resource until 6 AM! Good luck!

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