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You can play Ultimate Custom Night game online for free to go through another terrifying adventure. This latest spinoff installment of FNAF series has just been launched on the Internet recently, but it quickly captures the hearts of players, especially the fans of Scott Games. Unlike other chapters, in this one, you can pick your favorite animatronics, customize them, mix and match them, and freely set their difficulty from 0 to 20. After that, you will start to fight them off for your survival. Being trapped in a room, you must do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the animatronics that are trying to enter your place. Try to go check on the side doors, two vents, two air hoses, and make sure they are always secured. Furthermore, you need to utilize some given tools, like power generator, heater, A/C, etc. Pick up lots of coins during the game, then, spend them on brand new stuff from the prize counter. Good luck with this new horror adventure!

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