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Interactive Sleeping Foxy is a hilarious FNaF game in which you can have fun and mess with cute little Foxy coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s game created by Scott Cawthon!
In the game, you can do stuff and various things to sleeping Foxy. He is very sleepy, so this is a great chance for you to mess with him without being scared of jumpscare. Cute sleeping Foxy will never know what is happening to you. You can touch his body, caress his fur, and especially poke his eyebrow. He won’t get angry for what you have done to him. Vice versa, there is a funny surprise at the end of them the game, Foxy blushed! This cute fox will feel very shy when you keep poking him like that. How cute he is! Now, if you are a big fan of Foxy, quickly come play this funny game now to experience! Have fun!

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  1. foxy blush it was SOOOOOOOO CUTE!

  2. foxy blushed so cute

  3. FOXY IS MINE and foxy blushes <3<3<3<3

  4. foxy blushed.omg

  5. what do u do in this game i don’t get it?;-;XD

  6. I love foxy he’s very cute ^_^

  7. aww how adowible foxy blushed

  8. foxy blushed

  9. cute

  10. `Foxy Blushed!

  11. foxy blushed! so kawaii!

  12. i blushed from foxy

  13. foxy blushed!

  14. foxy is mine

    1. ilove foxy he blushed

  15. foxy blushed

  16. foxy blushed

    1. bla bla bla

  17. Foxy's secret admirer

    pointless completed game in 8 seconds

    1. You guys aré creeping me out


  19. foxy blushed


    1. Kacecar Gamer

      will not freaking load

  21. ‘foxy blushed’

  22. bayby foxy hoooooo:3

  23. tão foufo

  24. he did

  25. what is the point of dis game

    1. GamingWithKittys

      Ikr cause all u got to do is tap him and he blushes like wat else can u do

  26. bobthebuilderwashere

    foxy blsuhed

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