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Don’t be scared of Freddy Fazbear! Let’s remove that fear and try a test to see if you can be in a relationship with him or not! Freddy’s Love Calculator will satisfy this joyfulness! Are you excited for exploring the fan-made versions of FNAF game? Now, it’s time to check out the chance of having a successful relationship with cute little Freddy! Just type your name into the bar, or type any name that you know, wait a few seconds, and then the result will turn up! Let’s see who he loves and who he hates! Enjoy more games at FNAF Games! Have fun!

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  1. I typed my name and omg it was 100 percent love

  2. love at first bite~

  3. freddy really wants to see evangelyne dead

  4. he loved pizza

  5. tildawoof/chica

    freddy loves me love at first bite

  6. Freddy’s in love with Karen!

  7. Freddy wants to see Mangle Dead

  8. its butt

  9. freddy really wants connor franta and ricky dillon dead

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