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Are you willing to take up a horror adventure in the so-called free online Five Nights at Freddy’s game? The game is now available with “No download” version, so you can enjoy a fan-made remake of the game at here! As we know, the game will open an exotic adventure filled with horror stuff! FNAF game puts you in the shoes of the night watchman who works at the fictional restaurant named Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The in-game mission is kind of understandable for everyone. You must survive for five nights because there will be lots of whimsical things surrounding you. You can hear strange noises or the whispers of someone else, and sometimes, you will confront with the nasty animatronic beings. Don’t get stuffed, or else your game will come to an end. Bear in mind that you need to protect yourself at all costs do whatever it takes to keep you survive. You can track their movement by using the cameras, watch them carefully and make sure those creepy creatures don’t walk up to you, and if they do, shutting the emergency door is the first thing you should do. Full credit to the creator of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game – Scott Cawthon! Hope you guys enjoy this game! You can check out Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 at here! Have fun and wish you luck!

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  1. freddy scared me ‘O_O

  2. I scared by cihka but i love toy chika and thame Iscared by nightmare

    1. hahaha i never get scared by chika or anyone except for the marionet and that is only if i dont wind up the music box and on number 4 i only get scared by bonnie you just have bad luck mabey learn how to play the game like a propper gamer.

  3. OMG I LOVE five nights at freddy’s!!! I only have fnaf 2 but now I get to play fnaf 1! And guess what I am only 9! TROLL LOL LOL LOL LOL ;)

  4. who said the f world is not a muslem

  5. I made it 2 night 6 hella easy

    1. TooPranksterGangster4U

      Yeah, I made it to Night 9, this game is obviously rigged. The animatronics come right to my door, but never attempt to actually jumpscare me.

  6. guys i am scared foxy is almost to me

    1. rene Madronial Basco

      i run from Philippines to canada cause of Foxy scared me

  7. guys freddy killed me 10 times

  8. i’m 8 night.This game is very

  9. I payed for five nights at Freddys now how do I get on the game to play it.

  10. XxxPlushtrapxxX


    1. XxxPlushtrapxxX

      OF POWER?!

  11. XxxPlushtrapxxX

    this is the best game ever invented,but how did i get jumpscared when i was about to turn 6:am i don’t understand.

  12. DanTDM//The Diamond Minecart

    There’s no cams and I beated the game and noone at door or no jumpscares 1 try beat

    1. robloxxer player 21


    2. Yes FNaF is the Best o no quien me a polo

    3. hey dan this is mahmoud i watching your videos its so cool and i want to come to your country

    4. Tdm Tdm u r boss I would like to meet u

  13. Damn Dylan Back With the white vans LOL

    OMG WHAT I got killed my Freddy Then bonnie at the SAME TIME WTF

  14. Damn Dylan Back With the white vans LOL

    Hello This Game is The Best horror Game In the World<<<<L<<K!!!!!!!!
    I made it to Night 4 And Got jump scard By Foxy at 1am
    once I got to night 3 I loved it So much at I forgot about Bonnie and Chica and just Looked At the Camras
    I got to Night 5 and got killed my Golden freddy



  16. Like …………………………….. I got up to night 10 =O

    1. its not the real thing i beat night 4 and 5 without even looking at da camaras

      1. #randomperson

        Me too. In fact I am playing right now while typing this. And your comment is like at the bottom of the comment list.

  17. LIKE WHAT THE>>?!?!?!??!!?

  18. this is So Creepy I got Killed my freddy at 12pm

  19. FVCK bitch

    1. defirded nao BITCH

      1. defirded now BITCH

  20. I don’t understand why golden freddy comes at night 1 I should stop looking at that camera

  21. this is game is so laggy the that when i check the cameras are going really fast

  22. there is no map

  23. I was so close to beating 20 20 20 20 mode

  24. I know right you just don’t know when he’s comming. Cause when he comes he comes.

  25. hAHAHAHA

  26. Tiago cyborg cócó 2

    o jogo é fixe yo

  27. fnaflovEyou

  28. IlovEyou

  29. my god the clock at 6 am golden freddy killed me

    1. im at night five

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