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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is owned by Scott Cawthon

You are unable to play Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 at any website.

If you really want to play FNAF, please visit here and purchase it.

-Requested by Scott Cawthon-

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  1. fnaf cant play

    i was doing soooo well until i died by freddy. i thought to myself he wasnt in the hallway i checked. then i remembered i forgot to ckeck the freddles. Also who has a room at the back of a house with a door on either side both leading to hallways coincidence? I think not. i get the closet and everything but i dont get the doors. plus im 12 and its still not scary.

  2. nightmare bonnie

    this is very scary!!!! wish me luck i will play it again becuse its chalenging

  3. fnaf is the scariest world

  4. The trick is to wait and LISTEN until you’re ABSOLUTLY sure there is or isn’t someone at the door! ;)

  5. Also why does Nightmare Chica stay at the door FOREVER!!!??? (not really)

  6. Nevermind, my TAB was muted …

  7. Finally manned up enough to play and discovered no SOUND!!!

  8. So easily glitched! I Kept pressing continue, reseting it, and pressing continue again repeatedly, and the night counter went super crazy first it said I beat the nights, and then when I passed Night 5 (by glitching it) it said (in really big letters) “Continue NEW GAME!” And it also said NightNight at one point at the beggining of a night!

  9. No FNaF 5 minh… sorry! :(

  10. when is there going to be fnaf 5???????!!!!!!

  11. fnaf is cool

  12. fnaf 3 and 4 are scary

  13. any want to hear a tip

  14. it happened to me 2

  15. I beat it easily

  16. It glitched when I played I pressed new game and it said night 8 and there were no animatronics

  17. Uh it said night 1 and put me in night 8

  18. First time playing fnaf 4 Wish me luck

    1. january 13 is my birthday

    2. This site is like a clmosrosa, except I don’t hate it. lol

  19. this game was easy i even passed all the nights

  20. i love fnaf 4

  21. can you put up the code for the fnaf 4 and the cam button for fnaf 2 and fnaf 1 and the mask and make them move on fnaf 1

    1. fnaf 3 is hard i keep dieing on the 5 night LOL>

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