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Too Many Ponies: ‘Create Your OC’ Edition is a fun-addicting game online in which you can fly high your creativity. Join this game now and see what you can make!
The game is based on the original Too Many Ponies game, and your mission is to create your own OC. If you have been playing the original one, then this fan-made game is a must-play! Think about it, you have a whole new world filled with your created characters. You can totally mess and have fun with your Pufs, collect them, feed them a lot of things and do some stuff like that. The game also features the “export” option in which you can totally make an exact replica of the game Too Mant Ponies but of course, with your private OCs. In the game, you need to choose the parts of the body that you want to change, click and drag the colors that you want your characters to have. Alright, let’s play the game now for the further experience! Have fun!

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  1. Interesting game! I enjoyed it alot!

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