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Five Days at Jumpscare Academy is a fun-addicting FNaF Dating Sim made by a fan. Are you ready to engage in a love quest? Beautiful and handsome animatronics are waiting for you!
In the game, you will take on a role of a student stuyding at Jumpscare Academy and your mission is to hunt for the animatronics wandering off the school to build up a good relationship with them. This is a love quest full of challenges, sweet and hilarious moments. You’re supposed to go find them, talk to them, answer ridiculous questions to them, or do further actions such as kiss, hug, snuggle and much more. All is for your love point! If you make them fall for you, your love point will increase, meaning you finally have a successful relationship with them. There are three feeling levels in the game, including Acquaintance, Friend and Significant Other. Come play it now and good luck!

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  1. sweet freedom I love foxy

  2. i love purple

  3. she means if u with foxy your traped forever and u die

    1. Not really. There’s a key that you can get from GFreddy.

  4. mason thomas cooper

    sweet freedom

    1. mason thomas cooper

      I escaped with foxy

  5. I Fell For A Golden Robot Bear

    Escaped Alone.

    1. Me tooooooooo

  6. I Fell For A Robot Fox

    No Hope Left

  7. masked love XD

  8. gabbrealle kelley

    who loves FOXY

    1. i love foxy and i can’t stop playing this game it’s just to sweet

    1. what do u mean by “no hope”

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