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Can You Escape Love? is a challenging puzzle game inspired by the Undertale game and made by a fan. Join it now and see how good your puzzle-solving ability is!
The game consists of different puzzles that you need to unravel in order to set yourself free from a haunted love-struck sheep. To flee away from the year of the Sheep, you are supposed to make the best use of skills that you have. The game opens a Zodiac Story that players have to point and click to find the hints so that they can complete their mission well. In the game, players will engage in fierce boss fights, kill all enemies, avoid deadly impediments and stay alive until the end. The game consists of wonderful features, 3 discrepant endings, more boss fights, and lots of mysteries to explore. Playing the game, you will get a bunch of amusement, interests and fun!

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  1. yang bet me (- _ -)

  2. oh never mind I supposed to kill the monkey with the knife

  3. well you find the other disk by clicking on the present next to the tree and to defeat it dodge what it throws at you alright?!

  4. what do I do with da knife

  5. i see u


  7. whoelse is year o the dog no sheep or monkey

  8. Yang Beat me!!!!

  9. i died a lot of times but i finely finish ;3

  10. idk how to find the anther disk can someone help me plz

  11. Stuck in the Year of the Sheep

    1. amber marie howe


  12. wait a second i accidentally clicked the disk thing and it gave me the tiles again, but only the J. do u expect me to restart?!

  13. i dont know what to do with the tittles

    1. the tittles spell out Justdoit just so you know

  14. stuk

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