Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s

Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s

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Stuffed 2: Five nights at Fedetronic’s is an interesting unoriginal Five Nights at Freddy’s game. The bug related to the graphics has been fixed. In addition to this, the new phone calls with the better story telling are also added. Not only that, you will have the occasion to explore new Fedetronic’s jumpscares. You are the night watchman working at a local purely ecological called Fedetronic’s Burger Kingdom which is operated by a male elder named Federico. Like the official game, there are many animatronic robots as employees. They are Fedetronic, Pup, Frederick Wolf, Heleonore the duck, Lucky the Cat and Strongman. They create a dangerous team which will terrorize you during your shift. Follow them via 12 cameras, use the music box, the door, and the window to prevent them from coming in the office.!

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