Sans Simulator 2 Demo

Sans Simulator 2 Demo

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Sans Simulator 2 Demo is a free Fnaf download game which is the second episode of the series. Sans Simulator has returned since the day it was shut 2 years ago. Another entry is introduced and it is surely more faithful than the original ones.  


  • Actually, Fnaf Sans Simulator 2 Demo is a cool turn-based multiplayer sandbox game. It is much more complex than the last version. It contains numerous items not existing before like: 
  • New attacks: They create better hits than the ones in the real fight. They will present with classic tips such as rotating Gaster Blasters, the Bone Stabs, and so on. Not only that, a few other assaults will soon be added, for instance, Homing Bones, Bouncing Bones, etc. 
  • Moddable: The Fnaf Sans Simulator 2 Demo action game is completely moddable! Thus, you will have a good place to reset sans’ sprites and choose Megalovania instead of using old music. You can enter the directory of your game and start to improve or simply change sprites without effort. Do not skip the interesting Garfield SImulator or Ness Simulator!
  • New modes: The creator is working hard to make a plan for additional rooms in the horror Sans Simulator 2 Demo such as Challenge and Singleplayer. Meanwhile, Sans Sim 1 was an only-local multiplayer game. It was boring to discover alone. In which, you would gain one I.P (Item Point) in case you put an end to sans. It was not extremely easy to gather those scores. From that, the mechanic has been modified to upgrade Fnaf Sans Sim 2.
  • New souls: There are at most 4 types in Sans Sim 1. But, you can see more when joining Sans Sim 2 fangame. The Purple will be added. Switching souls will become simple. It’s expected to test another collection. 
  • Online Multiplayer? It is the mode that will swiftly appear in the next update because the developer is studying how to create such a game. As well, his program that he is operating is quite bad. 
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Sans Simulator 2 Demo

Version: 1.0.0

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