Project: Midway

Project: Midway

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Project: Midway

Project: Midway is a fan game with a good story! In this fan-made FNAF download game, you came from a poor family when all of your money, house, and everything gone. You have nothing but just a great depression. Your family has to live in an ancient house that is almost collapsed. You don’t have much food and water to consume. But your life is in luck a bit when a new place is hiring a staff with a good salary. You take that job in the hope of getting a better home for your family, but you don’t know what cruel things are waiting for you ahead once taking this job. You come to work for Chuck The Cheetah and Joe The Alligator’s Midway Diner. The main task is to keep this place safe at night when there are some animatronics freely roaming around. Will you survive all nights? Try it now!

Project: Midway

Version: 1.2.0

Download Now(448 MB)

Unused/Unfinished Asset Collection

Version: 1.0.0

Download Now(225MB)

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