Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf

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Come to try another challenging horror FNAF game called Project: Alisa’s Funplace Fnaf! Feel free to download this fan-made title and challenge your abilities one more time. You will be surprised by a lot of features awaiting you ahead in this horror game. Like the previous original versions, the whole game is set in a new place which is a brand new version of Alisa’s Fun Place. The new entertaining place is about to be launched. For that reason, the owner wants you to safeguard the building from 12 AM to 6 AM to make sure that everything here is okay before the official inauguration. Can you cope with all the working nights when the animatronic robots keep coming to you? This is the answer you must find! Try your hardest to use all the equipment given to you to stop the robots from killing you. If you survive all nights, you will complete the job, get paid and become the winner. 

Project: Alisa’s Funplace

Version: 1.0.0
Size: 45 MB

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