Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night and Free Download

Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night and Free Download

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Play FNAF Ultimate Custom Night and Free Download

If you are a fan of Scott’s games, make sure you won’t miss the latest spinoff installment called Ultimate Custom Night which is a free-to-download game. You can totally download it to your computer then start another creepy adventure full of challenges. The game has just been out for a few days ago. It mostly focuses on customizing the animatronics following your own way. You can choose the difficulty of your picked animatronics with a specific level ranging from 0 to 20. When everything is done, your adventure will begin. You find yourself getting trapped in a strange office and you must protect yourself from the animatronics. There are some tools you can use, like a global music box, a power generator, A/C, or even a heater. In addition, you are allowed to set up lots of traps in the vents to beat the animatronics if they attack you from there. Don’t forget to collect Faz-Coins to buy some items, keep an eye on the Pirate Coves from both sides and survive the whole night to become the winner!

Version: 0.10.0

Download FNAF Ultimate Custom Night at here(262 MB)

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