One Night To Remember

One Night To Remember

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One Night to Remember is the last chapter of Five Nights to Remember series. The game will bring new story and challenges to the players. Let’s explore what you have to do in the game now!
In One Night to Remember, your crucial goal is to survive for only one night, instead of the five dreadful nights like other previous games. The period for your survival lasts from 11 am to 8 am. During the game, you are supposed to observe the building to keep track of the animatronics roaming around. Don’t get frightened! Your office is currently equipped with the PA switches offered by the company so that you can utilize lots of sounds to scare the enemies away. If you get pinched, just keep calm and stay still. You will be fine! The game also added two more animatronics for the shortage since there are some of them have just been removed. There are some of animatronics that you can’t deal with them by using the PA systems. You have to use something else for sure! The game features lots of characters and of course, they are not in a form of hallucination. Explore it now and prove your skills!

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  1. Charlotte Brown

    I never played it but it looks interesting so i would reccommend it. if its out yet, though.

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