Locked Away

Locked Away

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Locked Away

Locked Away is a great FNAF based game by a fan, which can be downloaded for free now. The game consists of two parts with different stories. In the first part, after a big accident with animatronics at Flash’s Fun Place, the building is removed and locked with you inside! You are trapped in this building with the night guard, and your job is to make your way through all the rooms during the night until you can get saved in the morning. In the second part, after the occurrences of the first one, another thing comes up, causing you to be dragged under the ground by a wicked entity. You must stay in one place while you are being haunted by three new deadly horrors. How can you survive all of this? Play and prove your skills!

Locked Away Confined Demo

Version: 1.5.2

Download Now(174 MB)

April Fools Demo

Version: 1.1.1

Download Now(100 MB)

Game Soundtrack

6 songs

Download Now

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