Fun With Supah (Official)

Fun With Supah (Official)

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Fun With Supah (Official)

Prepare yourself for a terrible adventure in Fun With Supah (Official) which is another cool fan-made FNAF game! You can download it for free to enjoy lots of challenges now. Supah is an animatronic that really likes playing games, dancing and eating pizza during the daytime. But he turns to be a creepy one lurking in the shadows at night. He will never stop hunting you down. You are given a flashlight which must be used to scare him away. He will withdraw back into the shadows once you use that flashlight. When you make him land on the big white X, a cut scene will be exposed, which displays what he will have for his subsequent show. Protect yourself until the end so you can beat this game!

Fun With Supah (Official)

Version: 1.0.2

Download Now(95 MB)

Fun With Supah Android(Official)

Version: 1.1.0

Download Now(? MB)


Fun With Supah Mac OS(Official)

Version: 0.1.0

Download Now(? MB)

Game Soundtrack

1 Song

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