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FNAF MIX IV is a new installment in FNAF MIX series created by a fan. It is also a great remake of the original unreleased game with a lot of awesome features to explore. A fan of FNAF fan games should check this title out for a new experience. Although the game can remind you of FNAF 1 by Scott Cawthon, it still offers you some new mechanics. Other outstanding features are points and shop system, levels and ranks, nickname system, ultra mix, difficulty system, etc. All of them are mixed and go together very well in FNAF MIX IV. The story is about a common guy trying to find the truth when he makes his way through a big building full of animatronics. You will take on the role of that guy and you must do your best to get through all challenges as well as uncover the truth. Will you survive until the end? Download FNAF MIX IV for free!

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