FNaF: Halls of Horrors

FNaF: Halls of Horrors

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FNaF: Halls of Horrors

Halls of Horrors is a fan game that is kind of tough to conquer. Click to download this FNAF game right now to go through many challenges. The main task here for you is to memorize patterns so you can reach the end safe and sound. You are able to walk through one of the corridors or even craw through the vent. After getting out of the room, you have to continue moving forward. If you pick a vacant zone, you can stay alive and get to another room. But if that zone consists of an animatronic, when you cross paths with it, you will die instantly. There are two game modes for you to explore, including endless mode, escape mode, together with some minigames. Good luck!

FNaF: Halls of Horrors

Version: 1.1.7

Download FNaF: Halls of Horrors at here(198 MB)

FNaF: Halls of Horrors (Android)

Version: 1.0.2

Download FNaF: Halls of Horrors (Android) at here(38 MB)

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