Five Nights Revived

Five Nights Revived

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Five Nights Revived

Start a new horror adventure in a wonderful FNAF fan-made game called Five Nights Revived. You will come to Quarantine – a good place where people developed a brand new way of strengthening the robots. But unfortunately, some of them have malfunctioned, causing them to go out of control. They have turned into killing machines at night, and you are trapped inside the building. Now, it’s time for you to escape this place as well as protect yourself from these wicked animatronics.

Five Nights Revived

Version: 4.0.0

Download Five Nights Revived at here(171 MB)

April Fools Demo

Version: 1.1.1

Download April Fools Demo at here(100 MB)

Five Nights Revived

Version: 4 songs

Download Five Nights Revived Soundtrack at here

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