Five Nights in Minecraft: The Collection

Five Nights in Minecraft: The Collection

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Explore Five Nights in Minecraft: The Collection and start your new adventure now! The game offers various challenges and missions to the players. Check them out!
Five Nights in Minecraft: The Collection takes place when the Fazbear Entertainment was closed down in the year 1999 due to the financial ruin. What a pity for this amazing entertaining place! The restaurant has experienced the creepy occurrences when there were some of the kids of the parents going mission without any reasons. Now, these parents want the fairness, and you are here as an investigator! Your mission is to look into the dilapidations of Fazbear Entertainment try to prove that they are extremely guilty. Make an effort to gather as many documents, evidence, taps as possible and bring them out so that people will learn the truth of this place. Make sure that nothing can go wrong throughout your investigation.
You can download Five Nights in Minecraft 3 Demo, Five Nights in Minecraft 2, and Five Nights in Minecraft Classic while waiting for this game to be officially released. Hope you have fun and good luck!

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