Five Nights Before Freddy’s (Official)

Five Nights Before Freddy’s (Official)

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Five Nights Before Freddy's (Official)

Five Nights Before Freddy’s (Official) is available for you to download! The game concentrates on a new story when Freddy Fazbear’s is closing. The new animatronics will be thrown away because of their malfunctions, but the original ones are still being kept in order to organize the restaurant once again. The owner decides to reopen this place with just a small budget. All old animatronics have to undergo the test to ensure that they surpass all suitable standards. You come here to work as a night watch for five nights prior to the grand reopening. Make sure you watch over these animatronics because they will move around the building at night. Don’t let them enter your office to jumpscare you, or else the game will be over. Play then see how long you can survive!

Five Nights Before Freddy’s (Official)

Version: 1.3.5

Download Now(427 MB)

Android Version

Version: 1.0.2

Download Now(? MB)

Early Access

Version: 0.76.0

Download Now(171 MB)

Game Soundtrack

10 Songs

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