Five Nights at Smudger’s 3

Five Nights at Smudger’s 3

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Five Nights at Smudger's 3

Five Nights at Smudger’s 3 is the third chapter in the series, and now it’s free for download. In this FNAF fan game, the Mid Sodor Railway had been closed down twice, and now the owners bring it back as a museum. It consists of a real life railway to take tours around the museum, a gallery where the visitors can see models with old pictures of the engines that used to work here. The horror tours around the establishment are being given to the customers. They will understand the folk stories of Smudger and Duke that are the missing engines. You will come here to expose all mysteries as well as experience a lot of scary elements.

Five Nights at Smudger’s 3

Version: 0.1.0

Download Five Nights at Smudger’s 3 at here(324 MB)

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