Five Nights at Maggie’s

Five Nights at Maggie’s

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Five Nights at Maggie's

Five Nights at Maggie’s is a FNAF fan-made game that is downloadable for free. It is set in a famous pizzeria for the family called Maggie’s Magical World. But you don’t come here to enjoy food, you come to work at night as a safeguard trying to watch over the entire restaurant. There are three animatronics here, including Maggie, Chanchi, and Lola. They want to enter your office to jumpscare you, so make sure you protect yourself all the time. Use the cameras to track these animatronics, close the emergency door in time so they won’t be able to get into. Will you survive all nights? Play it now!

Five Nights at Maggie’s

Version: 1.2.0

Download Five Nights at Maggie’s at here(92 MB)

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