Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived)

Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived)

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Five Nights at Blaze's (Revived)

Five Nights at Blaze’s (Revived) is the fan made including two releases, Demo v2 and the last RPG maker. You have been hired by the owner of Blaze’s Funky Palace. Your mission is to supervise all at night for many hours. In that time, you can see many scary animatronic robots. Be careful! They are the enemy that you need to ward off as well as prevent from entering the own room. If you want to survive and get the paycheck, you’d better monitor cameras carefully and act quickly.

Five Nights at Blaze’s (Final RPG Maker version)

Version: 0.3.0

 Download Now(318 MB)


Five Nights at Blaze’s (DEMO V2)

Version: 0.2.0

Download Now(336 MB)

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