Fazbear’s Simulator

Fazbear’s Simulator

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Fazbear’s Simulator is a fan-game in which you will take on a role of one of animatronics, or maybe all of them and go destroy security guard. That sounds so interesting, right? You always get attacked by these animatronics in the original games, but now you will become them and make your own rebellion. This can be a plot twist, right? Who believes one day you can become animatronics? Now, the chance is yours! To kill the human, you will have to get past lots of obstacles, especially the cameras monitored by that guard. They are everywhere, every corner in the restaurant, making your movements harder and tougher. However, there are always some tricks to deceive the security guard. Try to prepare tactics and strategies to conquer your challenge! Don’t let the animatronics get caught! Try to overcome all the nights and claim your victory! Human beings need to die! Have fun!

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  1. worst website ever

  2. chica, bonnie 101

    just saying bonnie the bunny you change your name to witherd bonnie 0.001 dont care if you do

  3. chica, bonnie 101

    whats up homies im just chilling.

  4. Bonnie the Bunny

    what you have to download it?!??
    Dang crap it!

  5. love this website and FNAF

  6. omg i wanted it for so long

  7. lol


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